About me

Hello my name is Ashie and I am currently located in Chicago IL. Ever since when i was still a lot younger, I already love to do arts and crafts. I started making tote bags for holidays while i was in my elementary years until in high school. During my college years, with school and other extra curricular activities got me busy, I stopped doing crafts. BUT then I started into photography. 

I started again cake decorating at 2005 and made two cakes & decorated them for my son's 1st birthday. I went back to school for nursing and totally forgot my hobby. Now that I am working part time and with my son who goes full day at school I have some spare time in the morning and i called it my "MeTime." Just this January 2010 I opted to do arts and crafts again on my "MeTime." I made charmed bracelets and fashion necklaces. I heard Cricut from my father and got intrigue about it. While i was in Walmart i saw that Cricut machine was on sale and i purchased it right away, which on that day i started doing paper crafts until now.

 And by the way, FYI, i made my own invitations and party favors  for my Wedding. That was a HUGE challenge for me since i don't have these fancy tools i have now.

To make the long story short, I personally made this blog to be able to share some of my finished projects. Hope you will like it. Feel free to leave comments. Suggestions are very welcome. :)

Azenith Navarro Medriano