Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My Cockatiel Misses His Partner

My gray cockatiel ~Spice~ misses his partner Dave. Dave past away last April 12 from accidentally eating avocado which is poisonous for birds.... Today, May 2, 2017 would have been Dave's 3rd year with us since we got him 2014. He was about 2months old when we got him and Spice was of the same age as well.  Both Spice and us are still coping with Dave's passing.

To view Dave's special memory video just click this link:
In Memory of Our Beloved Cockatiel

In Memory of Dave our Beloved Cockatiel

Lesson learned: Never give your birds Avocado for it contains a toxin called Persin. This toxin is deadly to birds. Signs of persin poisoning in birds includes the inability to perch, respiratory distress, fluid accumulation around the bird's heart and lungs, liver and kidney failure, and sudden death. This is what happened to our beloved Dave. He accidentally ingested avocado as small as a grain of rice. We didn't know anything about it. He was rushed to the Avian hospital but it was too late.