Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fruit Salad- Filipino style

HiEllo bloggers!

This morning the bird chirping so early in the morning around 630am by my bedroom window started to test my patience. Then, seasonal allergies acted on me (sneezing, itchy eyes & nose) uugghh tough morning. I took a short nap in the other bedroom and it did help a LOT!!! now i can share something i made this morning, It's NOT a paper craft...

I made a dessert!!! A  Buko salad, Filipino style.There are a lot of style or variations when it comes to making fruit salad Filipino-style, but one recipe stands out,  the "buko" salad. Buko is a Filipino word for young or green coconut, and it is one of the main ingredients of Filipino sweets and deserts. The recipe uses the shredded coconut, and the chewy translucent coconut cubes known as nata de coco, along with other ingredients. Here I added a can of tropical fruits. Since i dont have  fresh fruits available on hand, the one in can works well and sometimes if you need more you can use the fruit cups which you can purchase in your local supermarket like "Target" for me here. The result is a very tasty treat that is easy to prepare. Best to serve when chilled.

 If you have questions, just leave comments and/or email me.  :)  Have a Wonderful Tuesday everyone!!!!

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