Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chicago Blizzard 2011

It is exactly 1 week today after the Blizzard hit us here in Chicago (2/2/2011) and here's a video I share to all of you of what it left us.... lots of snow... :)

A quite family oriented neighborhood in Streamwood, IL enjoying what the Blizzard (2/2/2011) left us.... lots of snow... When you pass by our neighborhood, you will see lots of snow piles on the sides of the street and driveways but there is only one special pile. It looks like only a small hill where small kids can enjoy, but guess what!!! BIG kids do Love it!!!! it's a Winter Wonderyard!!!!

With all the hardwork and the efforts of Leo, Vince and especially to Kyle, and to some of our neighbors and friends who helped, there wouldn't be such a place called Winter Wonderyard here in our backyard...


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