Tuesday, October 5, 2010

MIA again...???

Happy Tuesday to all !!!  it has been a week since i last posted, with all these errands i have to do, things got a little bit too tight to squeeze a few hours for crafting. Doctor's office is driving me crazy just to schedule for a pre-op appointment for my son who is going to have a surgery soon; plus i have to explain to my husband the pros and cons of having a surgery....blah.blah.blah. PLUS, i have to go to work. It's like 24hours is not enough for 1 day...

Hopefully everything will be ok as planned... There will or might be surprises but I'm just hopeful that ALL will be well-managed....   =)

Just did a haul for my family and especially for my crafting (never forgotten LOL)... and will be just putting everything in place and back to crafting... Can't wait, i have a lot of ideas to put into actions, hope i won't forget.

Happy crafting to you all!

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  1. Hi Ashie I hope your son's surgery goes well I will be praying for him and your family :) I agree time is going by so fast now a days even our weather is having a hard time catching up. I'm a SAHM and I still run out of time especially for crafting,blogging,challenges etc. I miss it a whole lot especially Emma's challenges I can't seem to catch up but at the end everything works out and falls into place as always and than we have to start over again...LOL Well have a great week and go on vacation you seem to need it..LOL ;)