Sunday, September 26, 2010

episode2 gift card holder with a treat

Hello crafters, here's a project i did ~ a gift card holder. I really had fun doing this, it's very easy, quick and simple to make.


  1. thanks for the video! love it! - claire

  2. Ashie I didn't know you did video's I was so should post them on FB :D I love your projects your colors are always so pretty and I love Jason Maraz...

  3. Thank you Cynthia. i was just on ur FB wall, and...that was hilarious,not knowing that it was me in that video.(bec of the scissor and the board looking so familiar). :) thank you for sharing it by the way.

    I just started making videos, i'm kind of hesistant to go outside my comfort zone. Until now i dont find it nice to hear my own voice cause in the videos i have to talk slow AND totally i dont talk like that... but im hoping to be more ME next time.